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August 13, 2009

Update: Superstar's Toe Walking

No, news is good news? :)

We did go for the EMG/NCV last night and Superstar handle the test very well. I'm really proud of him and his ability to under go these test. An EMG/NCV is really no fun to do. He had to lay down while the doctor poke needles into his legs. With each poke the doctor sent a electrical shocks into Superstar's muscles. He also put electrodes on him and sent electrical shocks to his nerves.

With each shock Superstar would cry out "ouch". He didn't physically cry, but he made it known that it wasn't pleasant. I did take him out to DQ after the testing for his favorite ice cream treat! He deserved it after that round of testing.

We go back to the podiatrist office sometime in the next week or two and that's when we will get the result of the testing that was done last night.

The doctor who administered the test last night was very nice man, but was also very opinionated. He shared his opinions on things last night; opinions that left my head spinning and me in tears.

I'm personally choosing not to share those opinions here, because in reality, we don't know them to be fact. It would all be hypothetical and to be honest at this point I only want to share what I do know over hypothetical opinions. I know I have several people that are reading my blog that have children that also toe walk so I don't want to alarm any of them.

I have close relationships with several of my readers off my blog, and I have shared with them, because I needed to vent. I thank-you for your support, prayers, and help. (You know who you are :)) If those "opinions" do turn out to be fact then I will share them here on my blog, because I know that it will help any other parent who may also have children that are toe walkers.

I will keep you all post via Catholic Christian Homeschooling as more infomation becomes available. Right now it's just a wait and see. We are waiting for the results of the EMG/NCV. I will have those within the next 1-2 weeks.

Thank-you to everyone that has contacted me via my blog and off my blog. I really appreciate your love, support, and concern for Superstar!

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  1. I'm glad he handled the testing okay. Prayers for you guys!


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