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February 22, 2009

First Communion Classes

So today was the first day of First Communion Classes for DS. This is the second stage of the sacrament preparations that he has been doing this year. The first part was the preparation for reconciliation that he did at the end of January.

We are so excited for him. Today for class DS was chosen to talk about Jesus birth. DS told us that he was able to tell the class everything without his book. He even said the teacher asked him to repeat it because of his friends (classmates) weren't listening.

We, the parents, also had to set through a 15 minute presentation. What is communion? Why it's important? What the children are to wear? How we are NOT to use flash or lights while taken pictures during the Mass. etc. We also were given an pamphlet from Catholic Update on the Eucharist. The Catholic Update that received today is just one of the many updates on the Eucharist. Catholic Updates do cover a wide range of topics. To be honest it was a blah, blah, blah moment for me....but I was there because the parents were expected to be there.

So DS is excited! His first communion will take place on April 4th. Just before Easter that way on Easter Sunday we ALL can (will not DD she still has to wait another year) receive communion. My home parish tries really hard to make sure first communion happens BEFORE Easter so that our new communicants (I think that's the right word) can receive communion on Easter Sunday with their families.

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