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February 19, 2009


Thanks to Judy at Benmakesten I've found this quiz! If you have a moment I encourage you to take it too!!

My Results:


You take the inspiration for your home from the surrounding countryside. And why not? The country cottage look has been, and continues to be, the epitome of what a family 'home' should stand for: warm, welcoming, cosy and comfortable. There's nothing at all pretentious about this style, just a love of the good, simple pleasures in life.

Living Room

Your living room brings the best of outdoors inside. The living room is usually the hub of the home, and the country look is perennially popular: it's warm and inviting and unpretentious. In its most classic incarnation, the focal point is the fireplace, and this is certainly a style that's all about comfort, hospitality and connecting with nature, the soul and the seasons. On the off-chance that you're drawn to minimalist accessories, you probably accept that in most people's eyes they'll look incongruous in such surroundings. But if the mix works for you, that's all that matters. Neutral wall colours provide a calm, easy background, while 'quiet' textiles and soft furnishings buy you time to decide on what you want in the long term. Make comfort the priority in your living room: it's where you naturally go to watch TV, relax and de-stress.


It's a man's world in the master bedroom. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. Clean, fresh air can truly aid sleep, but so, too, does a well-made bed and the best mattress you can afford. Touch is an important issue in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. You have quite a masculine - some might say hard - style in your bedroom, using vibrant colours to make a bold statement.

Dining Room

You're a clean slate waiting for a dash of spice. When eating in a separate area to the rest of the home, the dining room needs to be relaxed and inviting as you will no doubt have to move your guests from either the kitchen or living room at some point. Start with the table and seating and think about softening the overall look with cushions and curtains and adding colour with glass and tableware. When it comes to entertaining, the family takes centre stage and you love to make an effort.

Home Office

You have a place for everything and everything has its place. Working from home is an increasingly popular solution to the challenge of bringing up a young family and making ends meet. A dedicated home office - even if it's just the corner of a room - will help keep you focused and separate work from hectic family life. The modernist adage that form should follow function is nowhere better demonstrated than in the home office: keep things simple and add your own sense of style by using a splash of colour or a single, well-chosen decorative piece.

Kids' Room

Let a child's room reflect his or her personality -- not yours! If you have the space for a designated playroom, great. If not, then giving your kids the biggest bedroom can be a smart move, certainly once they're past the toddler stage: it gives them a designated space to play, enabling you to keep the rest of your home more, rather than less, how it used to be. Cheap and cheerful is ideal when it comes to most things in children's rooms: not only do kids grow fast, they also grow out of fads and phases at an amazing rate.


You're living the dream. At home, at least, the rat-race is a distant memory.

My response to this quiz: It's a romantic idea and I would LOVE it, to bad my house doesn't really reflex my dreams. :) I would LOVE to have a dining room, but don't not in this 3 bed, 1 bath 900 square foot home. Although the fire place in the living room would be the focal point if t wasn't for all the shelves that store our schooling supplies. Office made me laugh too...it's a corner of my kitchen sandwich between the corner and the refridgorator. LOL Oh, if I had my dream then this would be it. I don't hate my house. I do try to make it match up to my dreams as much as possible. :)

1 comment:

  1. THANKS for takin' the quiz SAHM!!!
    Now I know...you're a "clean slate waiting for a dash of spice!" LOL

    Sounds like you and I have very similar "home offices" in REAL life, LOL

    This was fun! THANKS!


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