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February 2, 2009

Body Of Christ

I know that this above doesn't look like much it's just some soft flour tortilla shells broken up and some cups of grape juice, but it provided hours of fun for my kiddos.

We had cheese quesadilla for lunch. It was while eating lunch that my DS noticed that the tortillas were like the communion bread. He said look sis the body of Christ. She said no it's not. He responded with yes I know but it's fun to pretend.

I asked him if he knew what the difference between this and what we receive at Church. He said the difference is that this isn't blessed by God. I then asked, Why doesn't God bless it and my DS responded with, "because we need a priest". The next thing I know DS is asking if there are any more tortillas leftover. He and DD decided that they were going to play mass.

So what you see above is the grape juice and broken up tortillas shells that they used to play mass with. DS, of course played the priest, and DD rolls were everyone else that you would find at church. LOL They played mass several times. Everything was done under the direction of my little priest here (aka my son)

He would say things like the 1st Reading from the Gospel of Luke. Jesus was a good man, he loved everyone, Mary and Joseph were his parents and they loved Jesus. They listened to God. Jesus did not sin, the end.

Or the 1st Reading In the beginning there was Jesus and he is God. Mary is his Mother, Jesus taught us to love each other.

For the song they sang "blah, blah, blah, blah," unless it was the song before the Gospel then they sang "Alleluia" When it came time to bless the bread and wine DS said, "Remember this is my body, do this" and "Remember this is my blood, do this". (A little off LOL)

Then he had my DD line up to receive communion. He said things like "God loves you" or "May God Bless You" or "Let God into your heart" when she received "communion". I tried telling DS that 'they' don't say that when you receive communion, but he responded while rolling his eyes at me "I don't care. They don't sing blah, blah, blah, either. We are just pretending here!" LOL He had me there!!! I know why he said what he said to DD because that's what he gets told when he goes up.

Our Parish (church) encourages everyone to go up, even those that cannot receive communion. Those that can NOT receive are given a blessing. Both of my kids have never receive communion. DS just received the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time last Saturday and will start is first communion prep classes later this month. So he has time to learn all of that.

After they were done playing Mass DS try saying that ALL of the "leftovers" were his! I asked how he figured and he said because that's what the priest does after all the communions are done. He gets to eat the leftovers!! LOL That's true, but I put a stop to that and said well it's good to pretend, but we need to be "fair" LOL.

I divided up what was left between the 2 of them. My poor DD wouldn't get anything, because she can NEVER be the priest, seeing she a girl and all, so I had to divided up what was left after their game.

To be honest I was surprise that they decided to do play that way. I didn't really think it would last as long as it did! I'm glad that they had fun.... DD is cool with not being the priest, she just wanted the leftovers too! LOL

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  1. This is one of my kids' FAVORITE games...we use smashed bread cut out with tiny circle cookie cutters!
    But...I'm not as fun a mommy as you...for ONLY WATER is allowed in our little "church", LOL

    A friend even gave us tiny little vestments and habits for our barbies...so we have "Fr. Ken" too!
    WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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