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February 11, 2009

He knows the Tooth Fairy is NOT real...

So yesterday DS lost yet another tooth. We had him place it in an envelope and put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Well she came last night, but the gig is up!

When we asked DS this morning if the Tooth Fairy came he said "yes". But he had a question for me "Mom, were you sneaking in my room last night?", "Mom were you searching under my pillow?" At first I told him "No" and then he gave me that look of his and said "Honest?" I said honest, and then went to talked to DH.

I told DH what happened and DH said well we need to have a private talk with him. Let him know, and go from there. I said okay. So we asked DS to come into our bedroom and shut the door and had the talked. I first told him that I lied to him and that I wanted him to know so he would have respect for me and know that he can trust his Mommy and Daddy.

I told him I lied about being in his room last night and that yes I was sneaking in this room and that yes I was searching under his pillow. DS just said it's okay Mom, I forgive you and gave me a big hug and honest we could have left it at that, because he didn't seem to have the dots connected, but I felt that I should explain why I was being sneaky.

So I asked if he had any idea why I would be sneaking in his room and why I would be searching under his pillow. He looked at me a little puzzled and asked why? I told him to put the tooth fairy money under your pillow.

The shock was clearly written all over his face and he said "What do you mean? She's not real?" I responded, "She's real because Mommy and Daddy and kids make her real; but if you are asking if she's a REAL person, then no." DH said, "We are telling you because we asked ourselves was what more important loosing your trust or the tooth fairy. We decided that your trust is more important and because you saw mommy last night we thought it was time to tell you."

DS face was still sad looking. Then I said to DS, "You know just because you know doesn't mean that you won't get Tooth Fairy Money. You will still get Tooth Fairy Money and we can still play Tooth Fairy as long as you want too". As soon as he heard that he could still play tooth fairy DS started to laughed and gave me a huge hug, and said "I'll play for as long as I have teeth!!"

Then he asked about DD teeth and how come the tooth fairy didn't come the other night? We told him because we forgot to do it. He just laughed. Then he asked why is it sometimes 1 dollar and sometimes 2. We told him because sometimes we only have $1. DS was rolling on the floor laughing. Then he asked me where I keep the teeth and I told him, by this time he was laughing so hard that he was crying.

His world did not fall apart! This did not crush his believe in God! He thought all of this was funny. I then shared with him that he's not to blow it for his sister that as long was she wants to believe then that's fine. I shared with them that I had to do the same with my brothers and sisters. He said to me "Don't worry mommy I won't ruin her life!" LOL

I then asked him if his life was ruin now because he knows it's Mom and Dad and he said, "NO way!!! It's not ruin!!! I just don't want to ruin it for sis..... Besides I still get tooth fairy money, right??" I at that point reaffirm to him that yes he still gets the money as long as he wants to play. DS then gave my DH and I a huge hug and "I love you guys! You're the BEST!!"

It from seeing this type of reaction from my DS today that makes me wonder why SOME people are so against the tooth fairy, Santa and all the rest. I've heard the arguments that it's because it will make them question if God is real. Well I can reaffirm, to my readers, that my DS is NOT questioning if God is real and he's not hurt by knowing there is no tooth fairy, perhaps because DH and I told him that we would still play tooth fairy with him, even though he knows it us. That knowing does NOT change game. He still can leave his teeth under his pillow and while he's sleeping the Tooth Fairy (Mommy and Daddy pretending) will still come and leave him some money.


  1. So...if they swallow the teeth, does the tooth fairy just get a "note"?

  2. Of course the tooth fairy gets a note!!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, there's NO way that I will "dig" for that tooth when it "exists" the body. Thus the kids write a note for the tooth fairy. LOL


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