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February 8, 2009

Curriculum For Next Year

Wow! My first year of homeschooling my children is coming to a close. I estimate that I have about 10-12 week left and then we will be done with our material/books that we have.

12 weeks from now will be about the first week of May! Imagine being done with the school year the first week of May. When we are done with the school year we are going to take at 4-6 weeks off and then start up the "new" school year. After talking to my DH we've decided that there is no reason to have a long huge break, i.e. summer vacation. We generally are done with our school work by noon, which would give us the afternoons to do whatever we want. Plus we are free to take a day off here or there as needed. So no worries.

We for next year going to buy our core books through Catholic Heritage Curricula. I don't need all the core books seeing I will be able to reuse many of what we have, but I do need more especially the Math, Spelling and Grammar books. It's going to cost us about $150 to get all the books that I need for both kids this year.

That's a little bit pricey and I know many homeschoolers that do it for less, but I don't mind spending around $150, especially seeing I spent that much for the Public School registration fees for the the kids...and not to mention all the back to school supplies that had to be bought, pencils, crayons, markers, shoes, tissue etc. (Between 2 kids that easily was another $100)

Of course being homeschool we still have to buy those things, but I don't have to buy as much nor do I have to buy it all in one sitting, I buy it as NEEDED! i.e. when we run out. Heck for this homeshooling year I have only bought 1 box of crayons and 2 boxes of markers. Everything else, the pencils, colored pencils, pens, paints, folders, binders, were the LEFT OVER supplies that the kids brought home from PS. What' funny is that I wouldn't have been able to sent the use supplies back for the new school year, but they are good enough to be used at home.

We are going to be buying our NEW curriculum books at the end of the month. I can't wait.

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget to check out
    where you can find MANY things for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP...it's a used books site...
    I use alot of CHC and I have found things there in the past!
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!
    I didn't realize this was your FIRST year in homeschooling....guess you'll be an "ol' veteran" next year, LOL


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