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February 22, 2009

Vacations: Lenten Retreats

I've given this a LOT of thought! It isn't easy seeing I will admit I have a little bit of an internet addiction. I've been praying and hoping that this blog (along with my others) would be an inspiration to other. I have for the last few months read articles on how to build readers, followers, how to get visitors to your site.

I have networked my site with others and after MONTHS of working, praying, and me just being me I'm finally starting to see traffic to my sites, I'm getting readers and followers. The traffic/followers may be small right now, but I'm thankful for each and everyone of you: Thank-you to all those that have chosen to be a reader and/or follower of my sites.

It is because of you, my followers/readers, that this decision has been even harder for me. I don't want to loose you, because I LOVE having you here, but yet I feel that this is something that I MUST do. I sincerely hope that you will understand all of this and will be willing to wait for my return.

Lent is a time for conversion. A time to turn closer to Christ! This conversion is suppose to be life changing! For most Catholic-Christians this desire for conversion is expressed by making a sacrifice; by given something up. I have chosen to make my PC time my Lenten sacrifice. This is not because it is a sin to be on the PC, but because as a homeschooling mother I think that this would be a better way for me to reconnect with God. I feel like if I'm not spending my time here on the PC then I could spend it more in prayer, doing more scripture and spiritual readings.

These are things that I should be doing anyways, but feel as if I don't have time for them. I feel as if I don't have time for prayer. I feel as if I don't have time to sit and cuddle up with a book, I feel as I just don't have enough time for those things. sigh--Time! Time! Time! I wish there was just MORE time during the day!

I'm sure most of you understand this need for MORE time. However there is no magic wand, we are not Samantha or Jennie. We can't twitch our noses or nod our heads to either to make more or freeze time. However, what I can do is spend my limited time differently. I've decided that spending my time differently is exactly what I will do. I've decided to take a vacation from my PC, from social networks, from blogs, from the world wide web. I've decided that this vacation from these things will ALLOW me to have the Time for those things that my spirit has been craving: time in prayer, time with scripture, time with spiritual readings, time with God, my creator, my Lord, my savior.

If this move causes me to loose my readers and followers then I'm sorry! I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you remain here. I sincerely hope that you will have patience and wait for my return, while I take this vacation, this Lenten Retreat! Easter Sunday will be here before you know it, and I will be back Easter Monday (April 13, 2009) to share with you my renewed Spirit.

You all will be in my prayers!
Thanks for everything,

God Bless with all my love,


  1. I applaud your commitment to Lent and the Lord. Good for you. What a wonderful thing you are doing, showing the Lord that you cherish him above all else. I am a totally internet junkie myself so I understand and eagerly await your return. In the mean time have a great Lent. I will pray for you and your family. Blessings to you all.

  2. Have a blessed time in the Lord. I pray the Holy Spirit fills you to over flowing and that this time is super special for your kiddos.
    Because of Jesus, Bobbie


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