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February 17, 2009

Charter Schools

I admit that I'm NEW to the homeschooling world, but at least I can recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing! Okay, public schools are not all that bad! I did send my kids to them and most likely they would still be going if I didn't have this calling to homeschooling. I choose to accept and follow that calling vs. ignoring it or sweeping it under the rug.

One of the local PS (public school) systems here is looking to adding a Charter School. This will be the FIRST Charter School in this greater-metro area. What gets me confused is that I'm hearing local homeschoolers making a comments such as "
many homeschooling co-ops use similar curricula to those used by charter school." I'm also hearing that MANY of the 400 students set to be apart of this Charter School are going to be homeschoolers "coming back" to the PS system.

So we have the PS system here cheering that they are getting this homeschoolers back! And homeschoolers saying it's just like homeschooling! Huh? How can public schools be just like homeschooling?? That's right Charter Schools
ARE public schools!

There are so many charter school options, even VIRTUAL options. The virtual options allow the student to stay home and be "taught" by the "parent". Which many will calm that's homeschooling, they are being taught at home! But is it really homeschooling??

I know that homeschooling can be done for FREE and that's what the draw to these virtual charter options. The COST is cheap! And cheap is good for homeschoolers, because they are on limited income, especially seeing they are 9/10 times single income families. Am I casting judgment on those that are using Charter Schools?

No, not at all if that's what works for you then great! PS and/or Private schools are NOT for everyone, just like Charter Schools are not for everyone. I think I'm a little distressed about those that say they are homeschooling, but are using (virtual) Charter Schools for their children's education. I just don't understand how public-funded-public schooling = homeschooling. (Remember Charter Schools ARE public schools) So using a (virtual) Charter School is really just public schooling @ home. That may get some tempers up, but that's how this newbie sees it.

That doesn't mean that in order to be homeschooling you have be spend oodles of money. Homeschooling, without the aid of a Charter school (virtual or not), can still be done cheaply!!!

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