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April 19, 2010

Mystery Rash: Solved? We hope!

Superstar still has his rash, bumps, spots, whatever you want to call them. When they first appeared on April 9th, I felt as if it was chickenpox. Later that day I learned it was NOT chickenpox, but an unknown virus.

The following Wednesday we went back to the doctor's office. That doctor agreed with the previous diagnosis that it was a viral, unknown origin. However that doctor did give us a steroid cream for it. In addition Superstar has been given benadyrl 3 times a day and an oatmeal bath every night. We were told if he had not cleared up by Monday to see a dermatologist.

So here it is Monday and Superstar still has his rash. I wish I could post pictures here on the blog for you all, but I promise Superstar that I would not. The steroid cream did cause the rash to go "flat", seeing it was raised, but that was the only change to it.

The dermatologist today said it was NEVER an viral infection. That the rash on Superstar is an allergic reaction to a plant. What plant we do not know. It's been already 1.5 weeks and honest I don't remember what and where we have been. In addition there is real no way of knowing what plant unless we are fully aware of what he got himself into.

Let me tell you that has been so frustrating. We for the last 1.5 weeks have been home. We've gone NO WHERE! No church, No co-ops, No field trips, because we were under the impression that it was viral and because it was an unknown virus we didn't know if he was contagious or not. I didn't want to expose him to others, because I didn't want him to pass on the virus. Some virus you are no longer contagious once you break out, others you are still contagious until rash scabs over. So he just didn't know and was working on the side of caution "better save then sorry".

We were given a new stronger cream today to put on his rash and hopefully that will clear it up. At least we now know that we can be around people! This means tomorrow we are going to our homeschool co-op! Thank God!


  1. I am so glad it is not serious,

  2. Occasionally one or the other of my children has had an allergic reaction to an unknown virus. Its very discomfiting because you really don't know what's going on at the time. Good luck.

  3. hope he feels better

  4. I wish you could post a picture or two so we could see it. I am the mom of a super allergic kid and might be able to point you in the right directions.

    Good luck :)



  5. Marlis thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I would post pictures if Superstar wasn't so against it right now. :)

  6. Hi. My grandson has the exact same rash on both ears. Did you ever figure out what it was or what helped get rid of it? Also, did it turn out to be contagious? Thanks so much!

    1. Yes and No. We after several days went to the dermatologist. The dermatologist said it was contact allergy from unknown plant (similar to getting a rash from poison ivy) .... but we did not know and never figure out what plant caused it.

      Seeing it was contact issue it was never contagious. I suggest seeing a dermatologist.


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