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April 28, 2010

Happy Meals Banned!

Well no they aren't really banned but Santa Clara County in CA wants to pass an ordinance that would prohibit restaurants from INCLUDING a toy in a high calorie meal. Under this ordinance ALL of McDonald's current Happy Meals choices (including those with apple dippers and milk) would no longer have a toy with the meal.

I think the pot is calling the kettle black! I believe this because USA Today reported last week that the group Mission Readiness is concern with what SCHOOL lunches (Lunch/Breakfast programs at public schools) are doing to our children. According the the USA Today report 30-50% of a child's daily calories are consumed AT school in a SCHOOL LUNCH!

Mission Readiness has PDF To Fat To Fight. It talks about wanting the junk food out of the SCHOOLS! It talks about wanting Congress to allow the US. department of agriculture to establish NEW nutrition guidelines that would remove HIGH-Calorie, LOW-Nutrition foods out of the SCHOOLS!

Besides health issues did you know that obesity is a national security threat?
The leading medical reason why so many young people are unqualified to serve: A fourth of adults in this age group — at least 9 million young men and women — are too heavy, according to military entry standards, the group says in its new report, Too Fat to Fight.

"When that many young adults can't fight because of their weight, it affects our national preparedness and national security," says retired rear admiral Jamie Barnett, a member of Mission: Readiness.
Look, I think it's stupid that a government wants to point the finger at McDonald, Burger King, Wendy's and all the rest when the meals they serve DAILY in  a school environment is just as BAD!! And I would argue that it's even worst then the fast food joints because it's DAILY!!! Fix the school lunches BEFORE you worry about what Ronald and the King are doing!

Has anyone seen Food Revolution? It's on Friday Nights on ABC. If you have missed it then you can watch them on Hulu.


  1. Let the kids have their happy meal toys!
    Life is about moderation and a fast food meal now and then is fine, especially if you choose the apples and milk! Wow people need to mind their own business and let people eat and live as they want. The imposed "nanny state" that this country is becoming is so ridiculous.


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