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April 22, 2010

Pictures of Mystery Rash

Superstar changed his mind about pictures. These pictures were taken at the beginning and in the middle of last week. He over all looks a lot better now. His ears are clear, most of his arm and legs are clear. His face is still rough looking but it's better too. (You can click on them to see bigger pictures)


  1. My little boy has a rash exactly like this! I had taken him to the ER last night. It started 4 days ago, is gone in the morning and comes back later in the early evening. The Dr. was unsure what this is and tonight it is spreading even more. So far the rash has only been on his forarms, ears, neck and forhead. I have been putting Hydrocortisone cream on him but like I said it disappears overnight but comes back every day. Did tou find out what the rash is? Maybe if I had an idea they would know how to help me more. My son complains it burns and itches. His ears are completely red. Any information will be helpful. My email address is feller.angela@yahoo.com Thank you so much for your time

  2. We took him to a dermatologist. It turned out to be an contact allergy. We never found out exactly what, but we feel a plant. He hasn't broken out like that since then, but every once in while he gets a minor break out.

    I would take your son to a dermatologist to be looked at.

  3. my son has the exact same rash on the same area's. has it still been deemed a contact allergy? I still can't figure it out! Please msg me at me.busch@hotmail.com


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