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April 22, 2010

RE: Judy @ Benmakesten

I know many of you are followers of Judy @ Benmakesten or perhaps you follow many of her other sites like Homeschool Faith and Family Life. It's also possible that perhaps many of you are friends of her through THL.

Anyway, I'm sure that you may of noticed she is MIA! Well I can assure you that she's fine. Her computer just has a nasty virus and it is recovering! That is why she is MIA from the blogging, computer world.

I tried calling her on the phone today, but ended up with her answering machine. She DID return my call this evening, but I was out at the gym so I missed it. I'm hoping to touch base with her tomorrow over the phone.

She did leave me a voice message on my phone tonight and it basically said what I've wrote here: Everyone is doing well, it just her computer crashed due to a nasty virus. She lost everything and is hoping to be up and running again as soon as possible.

Hopefully I can actually talk with her tomorrow and get more details~


  1. Thanks for letting us know :)

  2. I have been off line over the last 2 weeks and wondered what had happpened to Judy.
    Glad to hear she is fine.
    Can't wait to have her back on line.

    Say hi from me.
    God Bless

  3. You better believe that I went hunting for her!!! I got to talk to her on the phone on Wednesday. She shared with me what she shared with you.

    I'll be so glad when she gets everything sorted out.

    Judy is my encourager and mentor and good friend. I can deal with a phone call here and there until we get her back online. ;)

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Oh I'm so jealous that you've got to talk to her...we just have been playing phone tag, right now she's it! LOL

    Yeah, I started to worry about her seeing she wasn't returning my emails, but held off on calling until I started to get emails from various people asking me where the heck is she? LOL

    Yes I was worried, yes I thought it was odd she wasn't returning my emails, nod that she wasn't posting, but perhaps she was "busy" we all get busy time to time. So I held out on my fears, but when others started to email and ask what the heck is up....I knew okay this is SERIOUS!!! LOL

    Hope things are going well with you Kela and thanks for being apart of the hunting team!

    I know you can't read this Judy, but you will when you come back.....we will hunt you down!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. Isn't it cool how God embeds someone so deeply that when they aren't around, red flags start to go off. I emailed several people that I knew know her askin' where she was.

    I was beginning to worry myself, but Praise God everything is basically okay.


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