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April 28, 2010

Soccer Is Here!

Soccer season is here! Both Web-princess and Superstar are playing soccer. They are on the same team. The picture above of them playing was taken at practice last night. You may have noticed that Superstar is NOT wearing his AFOs. That's because the doctor told us NO AFOs for soccer.

Let me tell you this made me a little nervous seeing last night was the first running around he did WITHOUT his braces. However he did just fine!

Last week Web-princess celebrated her 8th birthday; It was a good birthday for her. Her friends came over, she had cake, what more could a little girl want! It was not a formal party, just a play date with her friends.


  1. Mine just started soccer as well!! Lot's of fun. It's nice both your kids are on the same team.

    And Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

  2. We have track going on here. Kids sure keep us busy.


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