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April 16, 2010

Kids Bowl FREE every day all summer long

With it being mid-April most of us are winding down our school years. We have just over 30 days left not counting Sundays or Saturdays. Seeing the school year is winding down many are looking to summer.

Do your kids like bowling? Are you wanting something they can do every day without breaking the bank? Well you can take them bowling EVERY day ALL summer long for FREE! Thanks to Kids Bowl Free.

If you registered for Summer 2009 then you WILL have to re-registered this year. If you weren't able to participate last year because a bowling alley was not near you then check out the list this year. There are MORE bowling allies this year then last year. As a matter of fact for me I have a choice of 6 local bowling allies where last year I only had 1. That's for this area...I can't promise the same in yours, but it's worth looking over the list of bowling allies.

In addition to the kids bowling free, a family pass that allows parents bowl too and be bought for ONE time fee of $25.  Not only that but you still will have to pay for the shoe rental, unless you have shoes of your own. What that rental fee is dependent on your local bowling alley.

Just to note: Registration is NOT open yet, but the site said it will be SOON!!! I imagine it will be within the next month, because Summer is fast approaching!

Once you find your bowling alley's page on Kids Bowl Free you can bookmark it. You can also find kids bowl free on Facebook or on Twitter @kidsbowlfree as a means to stay update on the latest development from Kids Bowl Free.

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