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April 9, 2010

Update: Chickenpox??

So this morning I was sure that Superstar had chickenpox. However after seeing the PA AND the doctor it's clear it is not chickenpox. That is the only thing we are clear on!

It clearly is a viral infection that is causing the lesions on his body. However the doctor and PA do NOT know what virus it is. They can't even tell me if he's contagious. They said it's not any common childhood viral infection. Some virus you are no longer contagious once you get a skin rash, others you are still contagious for several days after the rash appears. 

His ears (besides the lesions) are clear, his lungs are clear, his throat is clear, no fever, everything else is normal.  I got told most likely it, the rash/lesions will get worst before it gets better. That if it starts to itch to give him some benedryl and to just montior him.

Even though is throat is clear he wants only smooth foods. I shared that with the PA AND the doctor. They said the perhaps there is a minor irritation but it looks clean. In addition if you ask him if he has a sore throat he will tell you NO. I know as his mom something isn't right when he overly comments on how smooth water is! Or is saying he wants something smooth to eat like soup, yogurt.

Web-princess said soup! Do you want grill cheese and tomato soup? Superstar No grill cheese but tomato soup sounds good. That right there is my clue something not right with his throat. This kid never turns down grill cheese.

They would only want to see him now if it doesn't start to clear up in a week or 2, or if he develops other symptoms like fever, sore throat, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc. I got told that most likely it would be okay to send him back to school on Monday. I mention to the PA then that we homeschool so I'm not worried about sending him back, I'm worried about being able to go on some field trips and stuff I have plan on Tuesday with our homeschool co-op.

The PA then did offer that if I needed to I could call her on Monday and go back in and have her look at him again if I was still worried about the possiblity of him being contagious on Tuesday. So I don't know!


  1. Hope they feel better soon.

  2. I hope this is the worse of it and he gets better soon!

  3. I hope your son feels better soon
    I will keep him in our prayers, I just started to follow your blog found the link on THL
    I will be reading back on some of your older posts


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