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March 1, 2010

What where these teachers thinking?

Mark Shea was right to label this post reason #239729328992239847239 to homeschool. The SHOCKING video which student's are calling "Two Teachers One Chair" was taking during the school's prep rally. The video is NOT something you are going to watch with the kids in the room!

In the video the female teacher is setting in a chair she throws her head back and thrust her one leg out as the male teacher continues to dance over her. The female teacher at one points even slaps the male teacher's behind. If that's not enough the icing on this shocking cake is that the male teacher dipped his head down between the female teacher's legs to simulate oral sex. The female teacher has been identified and has been suspended without pay. They are still trying to identify the male teacher.

How many students seen this? Well according to the article about the video over 100 students witness this; some were as young as 13.

T/H: Catholic and Enjoying It!

UPDATE: I have seen NOW there is a clearer video of what took place. I know there is no question on the video I linked above, but this is a clearer video. I didn't know if I really should embedded it here, but then again I thought it might be good for those of you that don't really want to click over to other sites. AGAIN watch with caution this is NOT for the kids!!!

UPDATE: The male teacher has been identified as Adeil Ahmed. He just started teaching at the school. Students described Ahmed as a fun and popular math and science teacher. One student also stated that he, Ahmed, just graduated last year from university.

UPDATE: You'll notice that if you go to play the ABOVE video that it has been pulled and no longer available on YOUTUBE. However some of the dance can still be seen on MSN site and The Globe and Mail Site. (Both are news sites).


  1. I totally agree Katie!!!! I still can't beleive that as teachers they would do this. I've seen some suggest they cave to the pressures of trying to be the "popular teacher" with the students. I've even seen so call parents of teens say that others are over-reacting to this video and that they didn't see the harm in it.

    I really can't believe that a parent can't see the harm of this video! Or the harm that theses teachers have caused by this outrage.

    So what if teens have seen worst on youtube, music videos, or anything else that's not the point. The point is that these were teachers, people that are suppose to have authority over the kids. People that are suppose to be role models of what if "right" and "wrong". I think it just goes to show how mess up society, in general, is.

    Clearly the moral compass of what is "right" and "wrong" is mess up and they really can't see the issue.

    Personally I believe there is a problem if you (in general) see this and don't have an problem with it.

  2. this is shocking! another reason i homeschool!

  3. as for the video, the principal ought to be fired and the kids suspended, that is sad Teachers let that go on.
    Thank goodness I homeschool

  4. I agree -- it is incredible to me that our culture has fallen so far that any parent or even any teen could say this performance was acceptable! I applaud that the school at least suspended the female teacher, although I hope they end up letting her go as a result! (And I hope the same for the male participant!)

    Thanks for posting.It was hard to watch, but as parents we need to know what is happening and keep our kids away from public school!

    Thanks again,
    Epi Kardia Home Education


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