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March 24, 2010

Watching Molly The Barn Owl

Sometimes sitting around the computer can be tough, that's why I'm thankful we have the computers and TV that allow us to hook up the the TV to the computer. So what's on the computer screen shows up on the TV. The kids enjoy setting on the couch much more then trying to squeeze around the computer.

Our TV was bought in 2003 so it's not like it's super new. Our computer is a few years old too. It just so happens they both have s-video capabilities and we just connect the 2 with a s-video cable. In addition we connect sound with a sound cable that connect into the computers headset output and into the TV's left and right sound input.
You really can't see the connection I mention above, they are both connected into the back of the TV and that back of the computer. The wires in the front are for the playstation 2 or the VCR. We could connect the VCR in the back, but would have to unconnected it anytime we wanted to use this set up with the computer. So for us it's better to connect the VCR into the front as needed.

We only have 2 video inputs in the back of the TV and only one has th s-video option. So we use that for the computer and the 2nd on in the back for the DVD. Then the one in the front for either the playstation 2 or the VCR. Whatever we are using at the time. We don't have the computer connect to the TV all the time, it's just easier to leave the wires connected and use them as needed then to try to reach behind there.

Right now we are watching Molly the Barn Owl that way. In the past we have done things like virtual dissection.


  1. lol cool your a molly addicted also lol

  2. Only because we can put in on our TV and watch via that way. I couldn't sit in front of the computer. I do that alot is it but I couldn't just sit and watch a "endless" video on the computer. That and the kids are more comfy watching in the living room then trying to hang around the small computer screen! LOL

  3. Oh we are watching Molly too! It is such a cool educational tool- my 4 year old is really into watching her, (she thinks Molly is looking at her when she looks at the camera, it's too cute!) :) And I have to say that I'm pretty addicted too!

  4. LOL Angela! That's SOOOOO cute!!! Mine are older and know better, but they all day have been saying things like "Look Molly is looking at me". They know she's not, but they like to pretend! While we were watching today, all of the sudden this gray thing goes flying and you could hear this hug "bang" noise. We were like "what the heck was that".

    We really didn't know until I started to tell the kids how I might be able to get some owl pellets. I was telling them how it was owl "poop". Well it turns out owl pellet are NOT owl poop it's owl puke (vomit). So that gray thing that went flying earlier was actually Molly vomiting, puking, an owl pellet.

    I felt "dumb" for thinking that a pellet was owl poop. I swear that's what I learned in school! LOL

  5. Isn't it fun. Homeschooling really teaches us to learn..
    unlike learning just for a test.


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