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March 25, 2010

More On Molly The Barn Owl

I don't have the exact time or date or anything like that but I've learned that Carlos Royal has been taking questions from various homeschoolers throughout the country and will be doing a live Q and A soon. He has been collecting the questions and will be answering them live.  When I have a time and date I will let you know.

For those of you that have just tuned in you can find more info about Molly the barn owl by visiting Carlos' Blog: Molly's Box. There he has some FAQ about Molly, what time McGee (her mate has visited), and what he even brought the family to eat.

We have been watching Molly and have been enjoying it. In addition I also found an PDF, thanks to the Molly Chatters At Ustream, of a Barn Owl book that can be downloaded and printed as needed.

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