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March 18, 2010

Homeschooling AT the park?

That's right today we packed up our school bags and went to the park. DH works near this park so he was able to join us at his lunch hour. We had already eaten lunch at home before we met DH at the park so it was more of a recess for us, but it was still fun!
After we got done swinging DH had to go back to work. I then let the kids play some more and did our work, but it prove to be too windy! So we decided that the car was a good place to work!

After we got our work done we went on a walk and got lost in the woods! Well clearly we are home now because I'm able to blog about it. When we found our way out of the woods Superstar said "Look Mom there's a sign for a picnic area! Let's go there, they always have a map there."

Sure enough the picnic area did have a map. I called DH to let him know that we got lost, found a map, and now heading back to the car. It took us another hour to get to our car from where we found the map. So we were really lost!  So besides our normal school work, the kids learn how to find our away back to the car via wits and maps! LOL


  1. LOL Oh I see the BIG BOY is having fun LOL Great Pics :)

    *HELP! I just about lost my voice and dont know what else to try, Im drinking so Much Hot liquids with lemon Im sick of it

  2. That's one smart kid you got there!
    Way to go Super Star!
    And you guys look like you are having a BLAST on those swings!
    Our local park was flooded last week so we'll have to wait a bit before we visit!

  3. :) I think so too! Of course I would have thought of that too, but he beat me to it so I just went with is plan. LOL Some of areas on the trail were really, really mud, I had to pull web-princess out of the mud a few times LOL

  4. Hi! I was blog hopping today and found yours... just want to say keep up the good Catholic homeschooling work!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I know that convergence insufficiency is not the same as Dyslexia, but many Dyslexics also have Convergence Insufficiency. We suspect my son has both, as he is 10 and still has trouble discerning left from right, had a severe language delay, and many other symptoms of dyslexia. So what kind of multi-sensory reading activities have you been doing with your daughter?

  6. Thanks for your reply! I was pleased to see that you mentioned Orton-Gillingham materials. We have been so blessed to find Saxon Phonics, homeschool edition, which is completely based on the Orton Gillingham method of teaching, and my son has made progress in leaps and bounds since starting that. He still reads slow, but he reads!

  7. Today must have been the day for kids to learn from maps. :) We were going to get our food coop order. It has been a while since I ordered and so I took the map with the directions on. My 10 year old daughter insisted on taking the map and navigating me to our destination.
    Wonderful day!


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