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March 3, 2010

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method
  1. Ask a question
  2. Make a educated guess (hypothesis)
  3. Check (Test)
  4. The Results
  5. Share with others (Conclusion)
Sometimes you just never know what you are going to find at the dollar store! Yesterday I went to the local Dollar Superstore, because I got a tip that they had these science kits there for $1! That's right $1!! The science kits are made by Harcourt School Publishers. I've looked through several of Harcourt websites but I could not find the product: Science Inquiry Tool Kit ISBN 0-15-3457104. 

When searching I found people selling the kits on ebay for about $10. Which is funny seeing I got the same kit for $1. When I enter in the ISBN number into Google I found a site that suggested the kit be apart of the 3rd grade science supplies. The item was called "California Science Inquiry Kit". It has the exact ISBN number so I assume it's the same kit, just a slightly different name. The kit was listed for $23.75 on that site.

The publisher of the California Science Inquiry Kit is Harcourt. So that's why I also assume it's the same kit. Same publisher, same ISBN, must be the same kit even though the name is slightly different: "Science Inquiry Kit" vs "California Science Inquiry Kit". 

Either way I got a great price on this item and the kids have been having fun with it. Seeing they were $1 each I went ahead and bought 2 of them, one for each kid. Today they have been using the scientific method and testing all kinds of things.

They have use the Scientific Method and several of the items in the kits to:
  • prove what items are heavier or lighter
  • to exam the white hair found on my back. (Thankfully it was the dogs hair)
That's just a few of the things they have done, they also have taken out the magnifying box and hand lens to look at different things. I'm surprise that they haven't asked to use the new magnifying lens to burn paper.

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