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March 3, 2010

More on the Lap Dancing Teachers

Earlier I posted about the Lap Dancing Teachers, well here's the latest: Newer news reports are saying the teachers were suspended WITH pay! I sincerely hope that is NOT the case! Not only that but the board is NOT sure what they are going to do regarding the teachers. They may not make that decision until late April. They are still investing. Further more they are going to also make a ruling  regarding the students that FILMED the dance. Apparently it's a against school policy to have cell phones, cameras, etc. So the STUDENTS COULD be facing disciplinary actions for filming the teachers as well.

I understand that it was wrong for the students to have the phone and cameras. I get that they are against the school rules and that the cameras and phones should have never been there, but honestly I'm glad that in this case they did have them there! I know the students broke the rules and 2 wrongs don't make a right, however I agree with Shawn Van Walleghem.

Mr. Van Walleghem daughter is one of the students who took one of the videos and he stated what they did was a public service. Let's not shoot the messenger okay!


  1. That just makes me upset that they would punish a student for such a small infraction, when the problem is the behavior of the teachers. It seems like they are trying to deflect some of the blame from the teachers. Besides, what would the school do without the proof in the pictures? How are they teaching the students to be honest citizens if they get in trouble for recording an event in which they were blameless? It is like fining a person for jaywalking who happened to film a bank robbery. Thanks for sharing the update.

  2. I really hate to say it, but I am gonna. This is one of the reasons why kids should be able to have cell phones in school. I can understand them not being able to answer the phone. However, being able to report instances like this is important. I think the community should stand up to the school and demand that the students get the least or absolutely nothing as far as punishment. Punishing them is like a person getting proof of a crime that has happened in a movie theater you are not supposed to have any filming devices, but not reporting a crime trumps that rule!! Good for those kids. Just my two cents. ;) I posted a recipe on my blog come check it out.


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