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February 24, 2010

Body of Christ like Toast?

I just overheard 8 year old Superstar tell Web-princess.
I guess toast is like the body of Christ! Once it's the body of Christ it can never go back to being bread, it's always going to be the body of Christ. Just like toast is always going to be toast. It can never be plain bread again!


  1. That's an interesting way of looking at it. I like Superstar's logic.

  2. Thanks Karen! I like it too. I'm proud that he gets it, but was taken back by how he related it.

  3. You have a child whose mind is always working. That is a good thing. He is trying to make sense of the world and God himself.

  4. Really smart analogy! I love the things that kids say!

  5. *chuckles* That's amazing, there are few greater gifts than the minds of children.

  6. Thanks Ladies for the replies! It's a blessing to know you all are around!


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