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March 27, 2010

First Holy Communion

Today was Web-princess First Holy Communion. Everything went well and over all I was very pleased with the day. She got to do the prayers of the faithful this year just like her brother, Superstar, last year.

The picture of her receiving is not the greatest because we are NOT allowed to use flash during Mass. We happened to be seated on the side that's why I was able to get that shot. It was not easy kneeling and taking the picture. My knees today hurt too. I normally I don't mind kneeling, but the kneeler on the side (the chairs) were we were sitting are much different then the kneelers in the pews. They hurt my knees, but oh well!

After Mass we were able to get pictures of Web-princess with several family members.  In addition to pictures with family we were able to get Web-Princess's picture with Father B.

Of the family pictures we were able to get one of my favorites is of Superstar and Web-princess together. I can't believe how much taller Superstar is! I'm often taken back by the height difference between the two of them because they are only 10 months apart. Superstar has pretty much always been a "head" taller then Web-princesses. Of course before he always stood on his toes. Perhaps that's why I'm more shocked lately.

DH and I also got our picture taken with Web-princess. We are so proud of her! This year was nice because I was able to sit back a little bit more, although the kids did need help every now and then. It was also bitter sweet because Web-princess was our baby. This will be the last time we will celebrate a first communion in "our" house. Sure I have nieces and nephews that will go through this, but it's really not the same.

I've also have included a picture of my Mom and my Step-Dad. This is because I wanted to point out that Mom and I were NOT wearing the same clothing unlike last year! LOL I don't think I could have lasted another year with her and I wearing the same clothing! LOL

Over all it was a good day! After Mass we hang, got pictures with family members, got Web-princesses gifts bless and then went home. At home I had a roast waiting for us in the crock-pot and a small chocolate cake for dessert.

DH, the kids, and I ate and had cake. Now we've put or feet up, and are chilling. I've check on Molly too. It looks like owlet number 4 could arrive today (if it hasn't already).

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Mass will be earlier then normal because the Bishop will be there. In addition to Mass we might to to a train show. Superstar LOVES trains.

Well that's it! Thanks for allowing me to share Web-princess' first communion pictures with you! Have a good Palm Sunday! (One more week to Easter!)


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