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October 28, 2010

Update: Superstars ITW, braces, recovery

Wow! Can you believe that nearly a year go is when SS had surgery for ITW? Seeing him ice skate, run and play yesterday makes it hard to believe that almost a year ago both of his feet were in a cast! Followed by painful walking with the cast ON.

When the casts came of on New Years 2010 he was given braces (AFO's) to wear. He has been wearing them religiously since then.  We have been able to have them off for up to 4 hours per day, which allowed him to do things like soccer April 2010 and swimming over the summer.  Yes he was playing soccer just 5 months after surgery!

Well this pass Tuesday we had seen the surgeon for an another post surgery follow up. This is what the surgeon told us:

Yep that's RIGHT we were told that he does not need the braces! At LEAST for the next 2 months. We will see the surgeon again right after Christmas and will learn then if he'll need a new set of braces.  A new set would mean braces for 12 months. Oh and he does NOT need physical therapy! Which just amazes me because I was so sure that he would.

A visual for just HOW bad things were for Superstar! The chart below will show you the range of motion he had before surgery and the range of motion he has now in his feet. Both feet were pretty equal prior to surgery and both feet are pretty much the same now.
picture source

Before surgery the max range of motion he had with his foot was at the 30 degree mark on the picture. The doctor called this -30. That means that was the furthest his foot would go back when pushing on the toes.  Prior to surgery he could not even make his toes to be perpendicular to the floor.

Today his foot flexes all the way to the 10 degree mark the the picture. He has GAINED 40 degrees of motion!!! This is a LOT better then what even the doctors thought! They are simply amazed at his range of motion and it's clear when we are with them how amazed they are.

So here we set nearly 12 months post surgery. SS has gained 40 degrees of motion and is brace (AFO) free for at least the next 2 months! Do you know how odd it is for me NOT to be telling him to put his shoes and braces on and see him run around the house in just his socks?  He had to wear shoes with his brace.  So for about 12 hours a day he wore shoes AND braces.

He also the last 2 days been more active!!! Running like won't believe!  It must feel really good to have your feet free!!!! He knows that come Christmas he may need braces again. However he said to me well that's okay at least I get 2 months without them for sure!

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    This is AWESOME!
    And what a positive outlook from a young boy who has been through SO much...we grown ups could take a few pointers from him!


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