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October 5, 2010

Web-Princess, Kidneys, and a better Update

First my apologies. I have had few people ask why do I have to re-potty train WP? What does that have to do with the spot on her kidney? I'm not following.  So I'll back track some and make a better descriptive post here. Over the summer WP had a really bad kidney infection; it landed us in the ER. She had to have 2 CT scans both of which showed a spot on her kidney.  These events cause us to see an urologist, who wanted her to have a VCUG to rule out Kidney Reflex.

Today's urologist visit was a follow up to the VCUG that was done mid August. It also laid down the course of treatment, re-potty training, that we have to do. I've over the last several months have been journaling WP voiding habits. She on average only urinates 3 times a day. That is her AVERAGE there are days where is only goes once in 24 period and other days where she goes 6 times.

Urination is a learned behavior, basically she learn incorrectly and now I have to re-train her to learn properly. She should be voiding, peeing, on average 5-7 times a day. Everyone should be really; Just like FREQUENT urination is not healthy the opposite NOT ENOUGH is not healthy.

Spot on her kidney?
The spot on her kidney is not a mass or a cyst or anything of that nature. It was infectious tissue that was infected due to her severe kidney infection. Clear up the kidney infection and over time the infected tissue will heal. This also means we have to help avoid future UTI because if she continues to have them it can't heal.

Is it kidney reflex?
No, it is not kidney reflex the VCUG that was done in Madison showed that she has normal kidney and bladder functions. That means they have the ability to function and work properly. So if everything can work properly what's the deal?

The issue:
The deal/issue is that WP just doesn't go regularly. Somewhere along the lines she learned to "hold it" and just doesn't go as often as "should".  Not going regularly (5-7 times a day) is causing her bladder to be too full. Thus it's interfering with the kidney functions.  If the kidneys want to drain urine to the bladder but can't because the bladder is too full? Then what? Well just like with a clogged drain it's just going to sit there in the sink (kidney).

The solution:
Re-Potty Training her! I have to make her go into the bathroom at regular scheduled times. 7 times a day actually.

  • Wake-Up
  • 9:30 Am
  • Noon (Lunch Time)
  • 2:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm
  • 7:00 pm
  • Bedtime
She is not expected to actually urinate at this times, but she has to make an honest effort. She does have to go in and sit and give it a few minutes. If she does not go at that time, fine.  She is also free to go at any time outside of those schedule times, because we don't want to hold it, however she will still have to go and try at her scheduled time.

So lets say she went pee at 1:30 pm. That's fine, but she still has to go in and 2:00 pm and try. The goal is to hopefully retrain her body to urinate and a more "healthy" frequency. Urination at a more health frequency should help avoid infections.

She does NOT need medication or anything else at this point. However she does have to take a daily dose of metamucil. This is because those that have hold their pee also tend to do the same with BMs. So the metamucial, per the urologist instruction, should help avoid any constipation issues as well. She has not had to my knowledge any constipation issues, but at this point taking metamucil can't hurt her seeing is a fiber supplement.

I'm thankful I'm homeschooling because I can be sure she can go at these scheduled times. I know it can be done in "school", but I also know it would be difficult on the teacher, staff, etc. At least I don't have to worry or wonder if she is really going and at least trying and making an effort at her scheduled times.

I hope this clears up somethings and answers everyones questions. Again I'm sorry that my last post wasn't as descriptive and left a few people asking for details and wanting clarity etc.

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