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October 5, 2010

Update: Urologist and Web-Princess

Good Afternoon!

Well today we seen the Urologist for a follow up for the testing that WP had done a few months ago in Madison. There is NO kidney reflex (that is what the testing in Madison tested for).

However, I learned today that I basically have to re-potty train her! I have to make up a schedule of set potty times and make her go potty at those times. She may not have to go and if she doesn't go that's okay, but I have to make her go and at least try, regardless of when she use the bathroom last.

So we are potty training again!!! We see the urologist again in January for a follow up to see how the potty training is going.


  1. Why are they having you re-potty train her?

  2. I'm sorry I should have been more descriptive in my post. I'll make a new post with a better explanation. I have a few people asking. Stay tune....


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