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November 2, 2010

Trying Different Types of Milk

Over the next few weeks and months we will be trying different types of milks. Today we tried Soy and Almond Milk.  I video taped the children's reaction to today's milk trial.

We plan on trying others over the next few weeks and months. So if you have any suggestions for us on WHAT to try please send them our way!


  1. I was interested in seeing their reaction to the almond milk. We have been experimenting with different milks lately, but our experiments are out of necessity. We've recently discovered all of our daughter's stomach issues are due to lactose. We have tried goats milk (which no one liked) and coconut milk, vanilla flavor. I think the coconut milk is okay, just a little thin. But my daughter has yet to like anything we've tried, which has made me hesitant to spend the $ on the almond milk. I've been using the left over coconut milk to make caramel sauce.

  2. Rhyah, thanks for visiting and commenting. My son really did like the almond milk he drank all that I poured into his cup which was about 1/2 of cups used and even asked for more.

    I know my daughter said she didn't like it, but she did drink MORE of it and didn't spit out like she did the soy.

    It's different tasting that's for sure. I even had a whole glass of the almond milk. It's doesn't taste like milk, it has a bit of a nutty flavor.

    I seen today after posting my post about the milk a post that explained how to MAKE almond milk.


    I have no idea if buying almonds and making the milk from scratch would be cheaper then buying the carton of almond milk.

  3. My favorite is almond milk, I really like hemp milk too. Then there is the coconut beverage from mountain. My son prefers rice milk. My advice would be not to start with it as a stand alone beverage, that's hard. I realized I was allergic to dairy years ago and I still haven't found anything I like by itself, like I used to drink cow's milk. I'd add chocolate or use it in cooking. Good luck!


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