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October 17, 2010

Chess Tournament Fall 2010

Yesterday the children competed in a local Chess Tournament. They did well. Superstar individual score placed him in 4th place and Web-Princess individual score placed her in 9th place. (note the time stamp on the photos is wrong. These photos were taken October 16th)

Superstar with this 4th place metal.

Web-princess with her 9th place ribbon.

The kids had fun participating in this tournament. This is their 2nd tournament. They participated in this same tournament Fall of 2009. When I pulled up the old post I was SHOCKED to see how short WP hair was last year! LOL! She still likes to hold the ribbon next to her face when showing it off. They also got the purple participating ribbons again this year but I didn't get a photo with those ribbons.

Last year WP scores were 0-wins 1-draw and 4-losses.  Her scores were the SAME this year, but she placed in 9th place, because she was placed in a different section: 3rd-5th graders. There are 60 some kids in the 3rd-5th grade level, vs. the 20 in the K-2nd grade level.

Last year SS scores were 1-wins, 0-draws, and 4-losses. THIS year his scores were 2-wins, 0-draws, and 2-losses. Not only did he play a better game this year, but he placed 2 spaces higher then last year. We plan on participating in the winter and spring tournaments this year as well.

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