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July 17, 2010

Abortion Clinic Owner uses Radios and Chainsaw

If egging a priest car and putting a bumper stick that reads "I rape children" wasn't enough, the owner has resorted to using an amplified sound system and radio show to drown out and annoyed the pro-lifers.

For weeks the owner has been blasting the radio playing station WNTA. Well WNTA took a phone call from one of the pro-lifers and allow them to speak. The owner realized this was happening so what does he do?

Does he turn OFF the amplified sound system and stop blasting the neighborhood with sound that could be heard for blocks away? NO!

Instead he resorts to even MORE noise. He brings out a chainsaw in hopes to drown out the pro-lifers as they speak over the radio (or at least that is my understanding). In this video you can see him in the parking lot with a radio and chainsaw trying to drown out the pro-lifers as they are speaking.

It is my understanding that the abortion clinic owner and staff became even more frustrated when the on air personality, Doug McDuff, of WNTA, the same station that has been blaring over the clinic's amplified speakers, said "God bless the pro-lifers".

Listen I share all of this here because I live in the Rockford IL area and I know thanks to statcounter, and sitemeter that several of my readers and visitors live in the Rockford area too. I think it's only far to help inform the of what is going on in our area seeing it's never on our local news! You of course can do your own research on this and draw your own conclusions on the topic!

The chainsaw took place on July 9th, 2010.

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  1. that is just I can't even think of a word, gross I guess would be a good one, about the signs on Fathers car. As for the rest makes me want to go for a ride and show my support for life at the clinic. May God bless Fr. and all those who pray & the mothers


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