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July 22, 2010

Update: WP-Kidney

I really don't have anything to share. Other then the 2nd CT scan has left us a little confused and questioning what the next should be. A 3rd CT-scan has been suggested, but we are not sure if that's the right direction. So we are asking lots of questions right now.

We were told that there was NO change from the 1st CT scan and the 2nd CT scan. Last week the term cyst was used to describe what was seen on her left kidney. Today it was the terms mass and infection. We basically were told today that radiology did not know if it's an infection or mass on her left kidney.

That is all I have to share at this point....as our questions are answered I will share.


  1. You are in our thoughts. This is quite an ordeal. I hope they can get answers without having to resort to more aggressive means of diagnosis.

  2. I hope the doctors will be able to give you some answers soon. Is she feeling any better?

    On a completely unrelated and trivial note, I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger award.


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