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July 19, 2010

This is why we don't tip chairs!

As if Web-Princess week wasn't enough! Yesterday afternoon we had to go to the walk-in clinic so that she could get 3 stitches put in over her right eye. 

We aren't exactly sure what happen, but we have our ideas, espeically seeing I caught her tippin' a chair AFTER getting the stitches put in!

Tippin' chair means she was sitting in it and tipping it so that only the 2 front legs are on the floor.  Seeing her tippin' the kitchen chair, made us realized that she most likely was tippin' the office chair, the chair with wheels, while she was sitting at the computer desk.

We have a feeling that she was tippin' the office chair and it rolled out from underneath her and that she hit her head on the desk  or file cabinet.


  1. Oh my goodness :(

  2. Why do children have to learn by doing?
    My boys always belly flopped on the couch and after years of telling them not to do it.... A few years back when my then 17 year old did the belly flop ... the board on the couch snapped. NO one has belly flopped ever since. They guy never gets hurt and he was in pain for 3 or 4 days after wards.

    I pray that your princess gets better soon.


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