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July 17, 2010

Cyst on the Kidney

We seen our doctor today for a follow up regarding Web-princess's ER visit. Our doctor today shared with us exactly what the CT scan found. It found a Cyst on her Kidney. Exactly what the means is going to be explained to us by an pediatric urologist.

The urologist's office will be calling us sometime next week and an appointment will be made. In addition she will need to have 2nd CT scan done. I will be calling central scheduling Monday afternoon arrange for that to be done.

She's responding okay to the medication, of course the 2nd CT scan will tell us exactly how she is responding to medication.

For the most part her fever is normal to 100. It is responding to ibuprofen. She does in the late afternoon-early evening have a fever spike where it gets to over 103, but again that is responding to ibuprofen. As long as her fever is low she is cheerful and her normal self as far as behavior goes. If her temp starts to spike she becomes whining, tells me she's going to vomit, and that everything, especially her tummy, hurts.

She's not eating the greatest. She's been eating mostly crackers, but I have gotten her to drink about 4-5 oz of soup in hand today, a bite of banana, and 1 slice of pizza. I know pizza is not the greatest, but she doesn't want anything else at this time.

Last night she ate a whole pudding cup, a bowl of ice cream, and a slice of pizza. She does not have a diet restriction at this point, and I'm willing to give her anything she wants to eat at this point. I rather her eat ice cream and pizza then no food.


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