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July 16, 2010

ER Visit-Long, tired, hopeful

First, please forgive any errors grammar or spelling. I know I make them all the time, but I'm afraid this will be more then the usual. I'm running on just  a few hours of sleep.

Web-princess yesterday was running a fever; a fever that I thought for sure would be no big deal and we would be able to leave on our trip today as planned. Long story short I was unsuccessful in getting her fever down, despite 4 hour intervals of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and several lukewarm baths.

At 4 pm yesterday afternoon, WP temperature was over 104. I threw her, figuratively, into the another lukewarm bath and called my doctor's office.  They told me to take her to an walk-in. I took her to the walk-in down the street. I told them what her temperature was, before the bath, and they immediately rushed us to the back. The doctor examine her and immediately told to go to the ER to rule out appendicitis. They gave us the option of driving her there so we drove.

We got to the ER, I gave them the paper work from the walk-in and they immediately took us to the back and put her in a room. Once in the room, the doctor examined her and sent her to x-ray.  After x-ray they put an IV in, that took 3 different tries.  Through the IV they got the blood they needed and gave her some fluids to get her to pee.  They gave the fluid via the IV because at home she was also vomiting.

In addtion to all of that she was given a strep test and flu test. Both of test were negative. Her urine show trace infection, but not enough for them to say yes it was an UTI. It was at that time we also learned that her x-ray showed and air pocket on the right side, which could be an early sign of appendicitis.  So they order up an CT scan.

She had to drink this juice before the CT scan which was nasty and hard for her to do. Because she had difficultly with the juice we weren't able to get the CT scan done until 1:00 am. When we got to the CT scan room we learn her IV was bad and it took 3 people, including myself, to pin her down for a new IV. They need the IV to inject the dye for the CT so it was a must!  The CT scan shown it was a kidney infection.  They prescribed us some medicine and sent us home at 3:00 am.

When they sent us home her fever was still 103.5. She just woke up, she still does not want to eat or drink much and her fever is still high. She can stay home as long as she does not vomit. If she starts to vomit then we MUST go back to the hospital and they will admit her. This is because they will then have to give her the antibiotics via IV. I'm hopeful that she will not vomit, because going back and having another IV is not something I want to do.

To top it all off Superstar has been a real trooper.  When we realized that we were going to be there for a long time, DH took SS home. When we learned that she need a CT scan I called DH and told him.  DH then shared with SS and was trying to explain to him that depending on what the CT scan said that DH may have to go back to the hospital. He told Superstar that it meant that he may not be home when Superstar woke up.  He also told SS that he would have a sitter. SS didn't fully understand what DH was saying, because by that time it was nearly 10 pm and SS was tired.  SS response to that was okay, if I wake up and you aren't here I"ll just get myself breakfast, stay in the house, and wait for you get back.  We think that SS thought he would have been home alone. I assure you we would NEVER to that , he just miss understood what daddy was saying because he was tired. At the same time we thought bless his heart! What a brave boy!


  1. Oh, no. I hope she gets well quickly and doesn't have to face anymore needles. Poor baby. I've had a child at the ER and also admited (Acute Asthma attack) and so I know how hard it is on everyone. Can she get antibiotics via suppository?

    ((((Big Hugs)))

  2. Hope she gets to feeling better fast . Keeping her in my prayers

  3. Oh my praying here!

  4. Thank-you, for your prayers! Marlis-I'm not sure about getting the antibiotics via suppository. That would be something to ask, if we do have to take her back the hospital.

    When I took her temp. this morning it was 101. I gave her some IB, She at 9 am received her first dose of the antibiotic and seems to be holding it down. She's been munching on crackers and sipping some water and 7 up.

    She did ask for some soup to drink, but I didn't have any so I ran to the store, bought soup and a few of her all time favorite foods like cottage cheese, while daddy stayed home with her and SS. I just really got anything and everything that thought she would eat or want within reason of course.

  5. It is so heartbreaking when your child is sick. Prayers going up for your daughter; may she recover quickly.

  6. I have one child who ran high fevers if she ran any at all, so I grew accustomed to 104 degrees. It's not alway serious. Hang in there. Glad she is home!

  7. Poor thing! I sure hope she does not have to be admitted to the hospital for another IV and the meds start working at home so she can be comfy at home with mom and dad.
    What a brave and strong boy SS is to say that about staying in the house and such!! He's a big boy!
    I will be praying for WebPrincess that she gets better very soon!! ♥


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