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February 6, 2010

Review: Creating New Life, Nurturing Families

Title: Creating New Life, Nurturing Families

Author:  Sidney Callahan

Short Description:  Digging deeply into the various dimensions of women's journeys and discussing love and marriage, sex, mothering, work and transforming joy amidst suffering, Callahan shows how a woman's commitment to the well-being of her husband and children is a participation in the very life of the Trinity.

Review: This book was a hard read for me. It has "feminism" and "feminine" terms in relation to God that I am not familiar with.  Seeing I was unfamiliar with these terms it made reading very difficult. I didn't know how to process this or how to understand it in relation to authentic Catholicism. I had to put the book down and research feminism within the Church.

I found some interesting articles on the Vatican's website regarding "Christ Our Mother". (One of the feminine terms used in the book.) I'm still NOT comfortable with the terminology, but reading the Vatican's site and other writings have helped me to digest the book more and get a better understanding.

Besides the terminology, I actually like the format of the book. The chapters themselves, if you can look pass the terminology, are thought provoking. I like how each chapter ends with food for thought questions.

This book is defiantly NOT for the average reader because of the feminine terminology. This is better suited for someone that has a deeper understanding in theology, Catholic Spirituality, and Mystics such as Julian (Juliana) of Norwich . It's definitely only for one that is STRONG in Faith.

If you're interested in learning more about Creating New Life, Nurturing Families then be sure to check out the Catholic Company. For more reviews about this or other products from other bloggers then please click here.

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of Creating New Life, Nurturing Families by the Catholic Company in order to write my honest opinion of this product for this review.

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