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February 18, 2010

I take better X-rays then Superstar

Web-princess was all proud of herself at the walk-in, immediate care, clinic last night because they didn't have to redo any of HER x-rays. Superstar when he had x-rays done of the summer needed to have some of them redone. Of course they at the clinic don't know us and so it heighten their curiosity of what was going on. Why did superstar have to be x-rayed? etc.

Sometimes I HATE going to walk-ins because they seem to automatically assume the worst of you. The line of questioning isn't exactly the same as what you would get from your primary doctor.  Last night made me a little more on edge because of Web-princess going on and on how she takes better x-rays then superstar. That and the nurse when it came to x-rays told me well you can just stay here in the examine room. While we go to x-ray. I must gave given her a look, because then she said "well you can't be in the room". I then reply I'm fully aware of that, but I will walk down the hall with her and I will wait outside the room until she is done.  I wanted to know what made her think I was just to let my 7 year old walk down to x-ray by herself.

I'm not totally sure what happen with Web-princess all I know is that she has a severe sprain and has to keep the air cast, boot thing, they put on her until it's better. I have to call our doctor today and schedule a follow up.

She can take it off for sleeping and bathing and is able to walk around on it with the boot on. Last night she sleep out on the couch because that's what Superstar did the first few days that he had "his cast". We are not having school today because that what happen when Superstar came home with "his cast".

Yes I know that this is not the same type of cast that Superstar had. Yes I know that she could have slept fine in her room and doesn't need the extra pampering right now, however in her mind she does and I really don't care.

How did she sprain it? I don't know. She said she tripped over her scooter here at home BEFORE we left for the play world and it started to hurt then. I  didn't notice any funny walking from her until towards the END of our play world visit and even then she was still playing. So really I didn't pay that close attention to it.

Then we met daddy for dinner and she was still walking funny into the restaurant and walking funny leaving the restaurant. However she sat and ate and never complain or mention anything over dinner. When we got home DH wanted me to look at it. I did, but didn't see anything wrong with it. So I suggested to her that she go ahead and take a bath and perhaps after the bath she'll feel better.

Web-princess gets out of the bath and is still walking funny and saying it hurts to walk so DH takes a look at it. It was swollen pretty bad. She had a huge ball like knot on the side of her ankle. Seeing that DH calls for me and ask "How can you say she's fine, Look at that?"  It was a Lucy you got a lot of explaining to do type moment. :) I looked at it again and can see that  it's swollen. I tell DH that  "I didn't see that before."

I really don't think I could have missed that but said maybe I didn't look close enough. There was no discoloration. Later last night after everything I talked to my mom and she said it's possible that the knot wasn't there before her bath and that the bath actually brought it out.

So after seeing that knot and consulting my medical manual, I told DH she has to see a doctor tonight. So I packed her up, took her to the walk-in, and as I said in the beginning they diagnosed her with a severe sprain. The x-rays showed nothing was broken, but they still have to send it to radiology to be sure. So I'll get a phone call from them in a day or 2.

Such Is Life Here!! I see a little irony in it all seeing yesterday was Ash Wednesday. However I'm sure that's just me. 

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