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February 10, 2010

Earthquakes In Illinios?

When people think of earthquakes they think of California  however here in the midwest we have them too! This morning we had a earthquake here, or I should say near here. I know many of my neighbors have said they felt it this morning, but we did NOT! Perhaps if we were awake and not sleeping we would have noticed some shaking.

So for our pen-pals the Dudiches Yes, the earthquake was every close to our home, Yes people around us did feel something, but we did NOT feel it. You know our home address so you can see how close we are to the cities and areas that did report to have felt the quake this morning.

The star on the map above is ground zero and the shade squares are the areas that people felt the quake and how severe of a quake it was. I know that as far as intensity this is nothing compare to the quakes out in California but here in Illinois this is a BIG deal! It is all the rage at the office water coolers this morning, Did you feel it? Did it wake you up? What did it feel like? Is there any damage at your house? Check Out USGS site to learn more about the history of Earthquakes in Illinios .

Just another day in Illinois! Tornadoes, Blizzards,  and Earthquakes! 


  1. Some of our neighbors said they felt it too, but I did not. Maybe because I was sleeping too, :)

  2. I knew there was a fault line in So. Illinois, we felt the earthquake there in 2008. I had no idea there was another fault line up near Chicago. I didnt feel this one.


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