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February 8, 2010

Movin' On Up??

Why, why, does Superstar do things better then me? I want to be doing what he's doing? I want to be doing the same work? That was what Web-princess was saying to us over the weekend. She wants more work, she wants to work over the summer, she wants in the fall to be doing "everything" that Superstar is doing.

For "school work" the kids do the majority of it "together". It's just really Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Reading that they do separate or out of different level books.  (That perhaps would be more clear if I truly posted lesson plans like I have been wanting to do).

So we had a family discussion about it. Superstar at first did not like it. However the more he talked the more it became clear that he was afraid that she would just copy his work. He didn't want that to happen. If she was going to be doing the same work for everything then he wanted me to be sure that she was doing the work and not just copying him. I assured him that I would be sure she did her own work on things like math.

They are 10 months apart and honestly if their birthdays fell different, if he was a September birthday and she was July baby, then they would have been in the same grade in public school. It just so happen that they were in separate grades because he was a June baby and she was an April baby. So it's not unrealistic for them to be in the same "grade".

I'm willing to give it a shot!  I'm willing to help her see her goal and give her the extra work and work over the summer. They do a lot of together already so it wouldn't require much. Just extra work in Math and Grammar/Spelling.

Math the one subject that has been a headache for us in the pass.  This also is going to mean pushing her to work harder and to overcome her convergance insuffinicy more. More math work is not only to chanellege her math skills, but it's going to be a phyicial chanellege and strain on her eye muscles.

Again I'm willing to give it a try and work WITH her. Worst thing that could happen is that she can't truly handle the course load and if that's the case it's okay! She's not going to be "behind" in anyway. She just didn't make the cut to "skip" a grade.  The joys of homeschooling! I can work with my daughter and help her meet her goals of skipping a grade and doing everything that her big brother is doing!

Oh and as far as Superstar is concern, his ego has not been crushed and he doesn't really care if his sister is in the same "grade" as long as she does her own work. He doesn't want her copying off of him! He told me that's not good for her to just copy off of me or anyone else. She doesn't learn then! Hey NO ONE likes a cheater!

Yesterday we were with some of the extended family members and were telling him about Web-princess' goals and how we were going to work her. They said "Why not just give Superstar the year off?" I said you mean like a "sabbatical".

That got a funny look, so I said isn't that what's it called when you take time off.  (Either I mispronounced the word or they didn't know what it meant. Most likely I mispronounced it)  I doubt that I could allow Superstar to have a sabbatical because of the homeschooling laws, however it was a nice suggestion.

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