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February 1, 2010

Another Sacramental Year!

It is another Sacramental Year for us! Web-princess has been quietly preparing to receive her first Communion at the end of March (The actually date escapes me now but I know it's the LAST Saturday of March).

I say quietly because I haven't blog much about it! I've lately have blogged about Superstar's ITW and his recovery, field trips, and Web-princess's convergence insufficiency issues.

Well last Saturday Web-princess made her first confession. It was a beautiful morning and thing went as planned. Actually we got a very pleasant surprise. Our beloved Msgr. S. was there to help out. Msgr. S. married DH and I and baptized both kids. He got resigned to other duties a few years ago and we haven't been able to see him.

So it was very nice to be able to see and chat with him Saturday. We tried to get Web-princess to go to Msgr. for her first confession, but she had her heart set on Father B. (Which was fine...but you can't blame me for trying to convince her otherwise right? LOL)

After spending the morning at the Church we went coat shopping. We found some really great winter coats for the kids for $7 each. We bought them at a JCPenny Outlet and bought them LARGE in HOPES the kids will grow into them by NEXT winter.

The JCPenny Outlet here happens to be next to a Burlington Coat Factory. DH insisted we try there first. I have never been in there and was pleasantly surprised about what they had (more then coats) and the prices. Some of it was very reasonable. They had these beautiful white dresses for girls. THINK CINDERELLA!

Seeing them reminded me how Web-princess is going to need a dress! I personally would love for her to look like a little Cinderalla! So I was looking at them and the prices. Several of them were only $30. I know that's still A LOT, but these were just gouragous Cinderella Dresses so that was very cheap! They were white and I knew that they would work wonderfully for Web-princess first communion.

I was asking Web-princess what she thought and if she would like to have one. She told me NO! They were too fancy!! While at penny's she pointed out the type of dress she wanted. It honestly is no different then her summer dresses. We did NOT get it because it was a wild floral print. We told her the dress should be white. She said I know that,  I'm just trying to tell you that's  TYPE of dress I want!

In the back of my mind I thought, sure you have the chance to have a fancy Cinderella dress and instead of jumping on it you tell me you rather have a plain Jane! Of course there is nothing wrong with a plain Jane....sigh!


  1. Oh my goodness! I wouldn't have let my daughter talk me out of a fancy First Communion dress for anything. $30 is actually a really good price for a First Communion dress. Most of them are very expensive. My parents stumbled on a clearance at JC Penney the year before Madeline's First Communion and they managed to get her a gorgeous dress that was originally $130 for $19.99! I hated the frilly sleeves on it, so I altered the dress and made it sleeveless.

    One more thing, sometimes Burlington Coat Factory has coupons. My friend got her daughter a communion dress for $20 from there last year because she had a $10 off coupon.

    I can't wait to see pictures of Webprincess in her communion dress. No matter what she picks I'm sure she'll look lovely.

  2. I'm going to take her this weekend JUST HER AND ME! They were last weekend (and I think this weekend still) were having a huge sale many of the items were 80-90% off! I BELIEVE the dress were apart of the 80% off sale. So let's see $30 PLUS 80% off means $6!! (If I'm right that they were apart of the 80% sale) The boys were there and so I couldn't work my mommy magic on her. LOL!!!

    I'm hoping that if we go back this weekend that I might have better luck!! If I miss the sale or wrong about the dresses being apart of the 80% off then that's okay, $30 is still a great price.

  3. Haha! Kids are so funny :-)

    I just found your site for the first time today, but I'm hoping to find some good ideas here! My kids are much smaller than yours, but I'm always looking for ideas for kids of all ages. :-)

  4. Thanks for visiting Lacy! Hope to see you around :)


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