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May 24, 2010

Looking for Sewing 101 Help! Please

So Mother's Day I was given what I believe to be a very nice sewing machine. Especially seeing I do NOT know how to sew. It is something I've been wanting to do. It was one of those circler things. I don't' know how to sew, so why spend the money on a sewing machine? I can't learn how to sew if I don't have a sewing machine? See the circle?

Anyway so I have this new sewing machine, but I'm totally clueless on how to use it. I would like to learn. This was brought to light again today when I spotted patterns at Goodwill for 10 cents. I so wanted to get it, but seeing I'm clueless and don't know what I'm doing I stopped myself.

So I'm asking my followers, some of whom I KNOW can sew because I've seen it on your blogs!! How can THIS LEFTY learn?? (I threw the fact I'm a lefty out there because I've learn after 30 years that in some cases it makes a difference in "how" you are taught or do things).

Please help? And if you can't help please spread the word that this Mama is wanting to learn? Thanks everyone!!! (Oh and IF I had someone local I wouldn't be asking on the net).


  1. EEE, I got that EXACT SAME sewing machine from Jeff and Jacob.
    I just posted a apron I did on mine :)

  2. LOL! You were one of the "followers" I had in minded when I made this post. How lucky was it of you to find the almost finished apron in the bag of material you got. LOL Now I just need to learn HOW to sew!

  3. rofl Im still learning lol.I only made 1 apron from a made up patterns I had in my mind lol
    rofl did you see all those stitches on there lol it is like greek rofl

  4. At least you are advance enough to make your own patterns. I'm not even that advance! LOL I so need HELP!!!!! :)

  5. fir starters you need to read the directions for your sewing machine. once that is accomplished and you think you understand them, then google "free online sewing lessons". Don't be afraid of patterns. The patterns from simplicity "so simple" or is it "so easy" are a great place to start. there are written instructions for the patterns inside each envelope. Get one and then if you don't understand something ask specific questions. I'll pm you my phone number if you'd like. But as for just trying to teach you in general over the net....sorry I'm a hands on kind of person. I can however answer specific questions pretty well. The google search should help too.

  6. How about a JoAnn Fabrics or AC MOORE near you? Sometimes they give free lessons for stuff like this.
    How fun! When you are done learning...please teach me!
    Laura can sew more than I can!

  7. Thanks Judy for your input too, :) Oh and Renee thanks for the emails, especially for the jean-apron.:)

  8. I got a machine for Christmas 2008... so far it's been a slow process learning!

    I haven't gotten to these videos yet, but Chica & Jo have a series of Sewing 101 Lessons. Maybe that would help?



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