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January 14, 2011

New Bunk bed - Waiting Longer

Well we bought a new bunk bed for SS room. The owner of the store delivered it personally last night, in his personal car, on his personal time so we could have it sooner. So hubby and I put the bottom bunk together and called it a night. Seeing the bed didn't arrive until about 8:30 pm last night.

We then went to put the top bed of the bunk bed together, this morning, only to see that the side rail was split.

-sad- We call the furniture store explained to them what's wrong. They asked us to email them pictures. We did! They called us back this evening to saying that it will be another 2 weeks before they can get the replacement part in. It's a bummer that the side rail had this defect, but we are getting a new one.

I would have like to have the bed already, seeing we'll need it for my nephew. (He's staying with us while my sister is serving our country in Iraq. Well 1/2 of the time the other 1/2 of the time he stays at my Mom's house). Speaking of nephew I figured that many of you would like to see a picture of "Little Man". (That one of the many nick names that my sister calls him. I thought it was fitting for a blog name). So the children in the house are my son Superstar, my daughter Web-Princess, and my nephew Little Man.

These pictures were taken right before my sister left for Iraq. :) We took the kids to an indoor play world and ice skating rink. She ice skated with my kids for while and I took Little Man into the play world. After they were done skating they joined us in the play world. The other one is at my house later that night.

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