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January 28, 2011

What is that? A TV Dinner

For dinner tonight we are having a TV dinner. This is all honestly something that has never happen in this house before. You can tell by this dialog.

Me: Dad is stopping on his way home to pick up some TV dinners for dinner.
Superstar: He's doing what?
Me: He's stopping at the store to pick up some TV dinners for dinner tonight.
Superstar: What's a TV dinner?
Me: It's a meal that you buy in the frozen food section that you heat up and eat.
Superstar: Is it tradition to eat those meals in front of the TV?
Me: Yes, I think it is tradition that is why it's called a TV dinner.
Superstar: Can we eat in front of the TV then tonight?
Web-princess: I want to eat in front of the TV too!!
Me: (chuckling) yes you can.

The whole thing made me chuckle because I know by the time I was 9 and 8 I surely knew what a TV dinner was!!!  Next they will be watching some TV show and will be asking why the phone is attached to the wall or why is that CD so big?? LOL


1 comment:

  1. That's fun! I have fond memories of saving the little cherry dessert for last. We used to eat TV dinners often also. I think I've made them once. I should make them again sometime, just so the kids can know what they taste like.


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