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January 19, 2011

Let's Talk Coupons!

Really I want to know HOW to do it like these "pros".  I caught TLC extreme couponing the other night. Now some of these couponers were on the EXTREME side, buying hundreds of items of the same product. Buying so many they were having the grocery store pre-order their items.  I have learn since seeing it that the one regularly buys in bulk (with coupons) like that in order to give many of the items away to his church monthly for their food bank and at times other local food banks.  That's easier for some to do when you are buying $6,000 worth of food, cleaners, and other products for just a couple HUNDREDS of dollars!

Here is just one example for the show. She took an over $200 bill and reduce it to just under $7!

She got many of her coupons by collecting them from her neighbors and her local newspapers. I posted  about this once before and made an attempt at it by getting my local Sunday paper for a period of time, but I  really didn't find any saving for me. So I stop getting the paper and stop trying! 

I know there has to be a METHOD! I just don't fully understand the method or how it works, (besides the actually clipping of coupons). I TRULY need someone to go shopping with, someone that truly understands the game, how it works, and is willing to go shopping with me. I want someone to honestly teach me how to do this!! We all need to save some money and start having a stock pile of things seeing a food shortage and raising food cost are on the horizon. Can you teach me?? 

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  1. Just popped over from Proverbs 31 (Abbi's blog) after reading a comment.

    Have you visited Money Saving Mom? She has coupon match-ups, a tutorial on the drug-store game, and is doing a 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget series. URL is

    She helped us slash our budget from $250/wk for a family of 4 to $40/wk currently. It's been as low as $25/wk and up to $75/wk when I had two in diapers. I had tried couponing before too and Crystal convinced me to try again! You might want to check it out.



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