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January 27, 2011

Colorful Words

We aren't the type "really" cuss, but sometimes words like shit and dam cross our lips. They tend to happen out of pure frustration without any real thought. Our kids like all kids have picked those things up. And seeing we aren't ones to do it often they don't do it often. Although I will say when they do it, we do correct them and explain that even though those words may cross mommy and daddy's lips at times they are not words we should say seeing they aren't really polite.

So where am I going with this. Well Hubby took the kids to confession Tuesday night. It was about 10-20 minutes till confession was to start, but the church doors were still locked. Hubby, seeing it was warmer out then it had been, asked the kids if they were okay with standing outside (somewhat sheltered from the wind) near the doors and just wait for them to be unlocked. To which Superstar replied:

I would if it wasn't for these dam holes in the knees. My legs are cold!

OOPS!!! Hubby took the time to explain to Superstar how using dam wasn't appropriate. Superstar then said "Well I learned it from you!" Yes, even daddy can mess up and teach the kids some things that are less then stellar! I'm sure there are things that your kids have parroted from you that you aren't thrilled with so please share!

OOPS for mommy for not mending the pants by putting some patches on the knees. I've been meaning to do that, but haven't. Think of it every time he puts them on, but fail to remember later!

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