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January 21, 2011

Moody Boys

Do prepubescent boys get moody? Do they have mood swings? And other issues? I've read enough to know that puberty for boys can start as early as 9. SS is 9, will be 10 in about 5 months. So it's totally POSSIBLE that I'm dealing with a prepubescent boy. Early physical signs of puberty in a boys has to do with the male genitals. Of course that being the case I have NO physical signs to go by. What I do have is a little boy that is awfully moody lately.

I want to clarify that he is NOT having tantrums, well in my opinion they aren't tantrums, but just I don't he just gets moody. The other day at the store I accidentally ran into him with the shopping cart. Nothing major, just accidentally ran over his heal. I'm sure if you have let your kids push the cart time to time you've had the same thing happen to you. I immediately apologized, told him I wasn't paying attention, and that I was sorry. Well he just cross his arms, made that angry face of his, and didn't talk to me for the rest of shopping trip and the car ride home.

Another example: Telling SS to get in the bath. He drops the toy he had, sticks out his bottom lip, hang his head, and moves very slowly to his room to get his clothing, then the bathroom, etc. He was doing what I asked, but clearly he is not "happy" about it.

He has ALWAYS been one that needs to know the game plan. If we are leaving the house he wants a list of where we are going. Lately, if the list is not the same as what I said, or if I decided to go to another store or somewhere else, I get from him "You didn't say this ..........." or "why do we have to go here too?". These questions are coupled with the pouty lips, cross arms, and the I'm not going to talk to you for a long period of time. Oh and the looks.... I get at these moments. They are more of a how dare you HURT me this way type looks.  Really I'm not hurting him by having him take a bath or stopping at this store, or leaving the house again for the second time today, etc. (That's another one too I deal with from BOTH kids. If they have to leave the house more then once a day it's a nightmare)

Okay, nightmare is a bit of over exaggeration but the way they both act at times (to leaving a second time) you would think I was asking them to chop of an arm or something major like that. Of course by the time we get where we are going are FINE. It's frustrating cause they are doing what they are suppose to be doing, but they just let me know they aren't HAPPY with it.

I don't have to yell at them or tell them more then once to do something. It's just seem, especially from my son, if its something that he doesn't want to do the attitude I get is how dare you hurt me this way by having me do ______. Or how dare you hurt me by accidentally by _________.

I think the topper came today. He wanted to do the funnix program and I said that was fine, but I needed to finish up what I was working on first. He wasn't happy about it, left to his room, and just shut the door. NOT slam it, just shut it. I finished what I was doing, printed off what I needed for the funnix program and went to his room...knocked on his door and when to open it, but I could NOT physically open his door. In the matter of 5-10 minutes it took me to finish up what I was doing, and print off the paper work I needed he had moved several heavy objects in front of his door, preventing me from opening it. I told him, (calmly I might add) to put everything away so we can do funnix.

I then left to turn on the kids computer and by the time the computer loaded he was standing in front of me. I asked him what the deal was. (why was all that stuff in front of his door).  He said that he did that because he felt that I thought what I was doing was more important then him. What?? How is telling him okay hold on let me finish this makes what I'm doing more important them him??  This again is just one of those moody moments that I've been dealing with. If it's not the way he thinks it should be it's an issue.  Okay I know this is long and more of a rant then anything, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm dealing with a prepubescent boy! I mean do they get moody like that? If so what can I do to help?


  1. My 13 year old has been moody for years. Sadly, it has only gotten worse as he enters puberty.

    I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger award. You can 'pick it up' here: http://daybydayinourworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/im-stylin-again.html

  2. Interesting...and quite possible that it is hormone related.
    I've not had any of my sons go through this...of course, I've only had two sons reach puberty so far...now the GIRLS...there's a different story...yes on the MOODINESS for pre-pubescent AND pubescent girls!
    And, don't worry...if you can say that your children do most things without being told twice...things are awesome at your house!

  3. Well like all families we have our days when I'm a broken record, but honestly for the most part they do what I ask/tell them to do the first time. However, I have to CHOOSE my words carefully!

    If I ask my son (especially): "Will you go clean your room?" I get told NO! The first time this happen I was taken back, because outside of his toddler years when everything is no, he really didn't tell me no.

    So I asked "Why did you tell mommy no?" His response was because you asked me if I will and my answer is no I will not. You gave me a choice!

    Thinking about that he is right I was asking if he will I wasn't really telling him to go clean his room. So now I have to say things like "Go clean your room, please".

    Clearly giving him a command, not a question! If I'm posing a question to him I'll get told NO, because of course like all kids he's choice is no when it comes to chores or other things that I want him to do!


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