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November 9, 2009

Saving Money! Teach Me HOW to feed my family for $4 a week!

My friend Judy has stated several times that her lovely daughter is the queen of being frugal, but I have to wonder: Judy is your daughter this good? And if so is she willing to come to IL to teach me?

This mom with the aid of coupons has been able to feed her family of 6 for $4 a week. Her secret is coupons and buying items that can be bought for  free or near free with the aid of the coupons. On the day the cameras went with her she bought her whole weeks of groceries for 1 PENNY! Yep, that's right 1 Penny! She said that was her new all time low!

I have tried the coupon game several times but have NEVER been successful!! I never really saved any real money so I don't try anymore.

However, I want to LEARN HOW to to use coupons so I can feed my family on $4 a week! If you can teach me or know where I can go to learn, please share!!! I wonder if the woman in this video has a website? Where does she get her coupons? What sites?  I wonder if she is willing to give lessons? Or really share those tips and how-tos?


  1. I printed alot off line on things we needed, It was actually cheaper to go to dollar general and get off brnads then it was getting the major brand on things.

  2. I like her ability to save. But I did notice that her food pantry was stocked with a bunch of boxed and bagged junk. We try to eat as fresh and clean as possible, so I don't think this would work for someone who buys a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, especially out of season. If only they would give coupons for that stuff.


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