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November 15, 2010


Lately Web-princess has been seeking some solitude and frankly I don't know what to make of it. I find her often in her room alone with a nose in a book or playing quietly with her toys. Even yesterday with Grandpa here she hung out in her room alone.

She seem happy and last night when we asked her why she didn't want to join the family in the living room. We got I much rather be alone in my room where it's quiet so I can read, draw, etc.

On one hand I'm glad that she has taken an interest in reading. I doubt because of her reading abilities that she is truly reading the books she's has stuck her nose in, but she trying and seems content looking at the page and doing her best to make out the words.

Last night after hours of being alone in her room she emerged with a book and ask if I would read it to her. I said yes, so we went into my room, snuggled on my bed and read. She insisted that she turn the pages and was truly following along, because at one point I repeated the same line 3-4 times and she said mom it said this. She read the line I was on and the line right after it, fluently and just fine. I was a bit surprise she read that well, because we still struggle with words and her lexile score is 200. For her age/grade level she should have at least a lexile score of 500.

So we have a way to go. I know we do, but at the same time April of 2010 her score was below 100. So we have made HUGE progress the last few months. For that I'm thankful. We have been doing a lot of mommy read, books on tape, and following along as the tape or mommy read. We have been playing phonics games and she has been reading to mommy or daddy.  The phonics games we play are card games so she has the physicals cards to manipulate. That helps her the most!

We even have been playing scrabble too. Although the traditional scrabble is a bit hard for the kids, because spelling is still weak spot for them. So we have been thinking about getting scrabble slam or scrabble flash. Do any of you have these scrabble games? Are they any fun? Do you think they would help with spelling/reading? Do you think the kids would enjoy either of them better then traditional scrabble?

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