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November 21, 2010

Here I thought a Picture was worth a thousands words....

I can't believe I got slammed by an anonymous poster for my last post "I'm a Mistress". If they would have taken to the time to LOOK at the picture and READ the caption they would have SEEN I was pointing out the fact that Mrs. is a contracted form of Mistress!!!  As I said in that post, don't believe me look it up in the dictionary! So yes I'm a Mistress (i.e. Mrs.) and I'm PROUD of it!!!!!!!

EDIT ADD: So after all of this I went to Hubby and told him I can't believe I got slammed, and before I could really tell him what anonymous said he told me. Hubby did it to raze me some as a joke. He knows I moderate comments and THOUGHT I would tell him about anonymous posting before I actually publish it. So he THOUGHT he was going to be able to tell me, "Hey Nikki that's just me giving you a hard time!"

He wanted me to share with readers cause it was NEVER his intent to cause drama on my blog. He sincerely thought I would tell him about the post before posting it and that it really would have never been published. He just was looking to give me a bit of a hard time over it and never meant to hurt my feeling or anything like that.

I told him if he would have posted as himself I would have realized it was him just trying to give me a bit of a hard time. :) I do LOVE my hubby and he does LOVE me! This was a just a joke that went wrong.

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  1. I didn't look at the comments on that blog post but I knew what you were saying as soon as I saw the title of the post this weekend. I'm not sure how the term mistress got turned from what it was into what is is now, but those who are familiar with older British literature would know that Mistress is what a married woman was called.


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