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November 15, 2010

Boy banned from flying US flag from his bike.

I seen this story just today. A middle school boy, in California, was told he could NO longer fly the American flag from the back of his bike because it OFFEND some people. At least that is the story behind the video posted today on YouTube of a 13 year-old boy riding his bike to school with an escort of at least 100 other bikers.

I did research the story some and did find out the the boy indeed was told he could not fly the flag because some students did indeed complain about it.  The out cry, phone calls to the district as far as Afghanistan, and the community support has made the Superintendent apologize for the banned. The boy is allow to fly his flag now.

I don't understand what was the nature of the complainant was. From what I can tell it the American Flag wasn't affixed to the bike in a bad way. Who would have thought that in AMERICA a student would be banned from showing pride in his country, its veterans, and being patriotic?


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