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June 24, 2010

Walking with a limp.

I know at first you might be thinking this is about me and my recent fall. However it's NOT me, it's Superstar. We have been blessed that over all his recovery has been going good. Really he hasn't had issue with his walking post-surgery. Sure at first, but that was just the initial recovery from surgery. Once he started to walk post-surgery things have been good. I know we had to deal with pressure sores this week, but they didn't caused him to walk with a limp.

As I've mention before we have been given permission for Superstar to have up to 4 hours a day WITHOUT his AFO. He was even allowed to play soccer WITHOUT his AFO.  Yesterday evening we went down to the river to watch a local professional ski competition group preform/practice. Superstar, Web-princess and their friends were not interested in watching the skiers...mainly because it was rainy here yesterday and as a result none of the music was playing and there was no announcer.  They weren't even sure they would go on with the performance/practice until 5 minutes before start time. So instead of watching they played on the playground and tag hide-n-seek among the trees.

Superstar was NOT wearing his braces, because of the time of day. He had shoes on, but some how he end up hurting the bottom of his left heal. It hurts for him to put pressure on his heal. Not sure what happen. I've contact the surgeon. We are already schedule to see him Tuesday as it is, so he told us rest, Motrin, and hopefully it doesn't get worst between now and then.

I'm worried....seeing we are still recovering, etc. I know we got the okay for sports and I know his running around last night was not abnormal play. I just don't understand why he's having pain like that.

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