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June 23, 2010

AFO Adjustments

Today we went for another AFO adjustment. Superstar like most children his age has been "growing" so the AFO needed to be adjusted. They were starting to give him pressure sores again. (He's grown a few inches since April).

While there the first thing the Orthotist said to us was "He clearly wears them". Actually he said that a few times to us. At the end of our visit I inquired and asked "how common is it for the kids not to wear them?". According to the Orthotist it's very common. To actually see a child Superstar's age wear the AFO/Braces like they are suppose is a rarity.

This actually shocked me! The AFOs are NOT cheap and for the amount of money that goes into them, I would expect the parent to make the child wear them like they are suppose too. I was very surprise to hear that parents don't make their kid wear them like they should.

Next week we see the surgeon again for another post-surgery appointment.

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